I wish to thank the Cemetery Board Members for their support of this site.

Special thanks go out to John Shakal and Roman Backhaus for their assistance in providing information required for this site to succeed.

I also wish to thank my wonderful wife, Jayne, for her assistance with the gathering of data and for her patience and understanding with me while I developed this site. Her support has been a Godsend and a blessing.

I’d especially like to thank Kathy Roy for her efforts in assisting with the gathering of data and for much of the data entry into the database. Without her help this site would not be as complete or as far along as it is. Kathy is one of the nicest people I have met. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.

Inspiration for the site

My name is David Kulberg. I am the Webmaster for this site. Roman Backhaus, my grandfather, was the primary inspiration for this site along with all of my relatives and friends that are buried here. Roman was always trying to better the information boards and care for the cemetery. On occasion I would assist him in his efforts at the cemetery. One time we were dealing with the problem of the sun fading all of the names that were listed on a plot map and corresponding list of names. This got me to thinking about alternatives to how others could locate individuals in the cemetery. I came up with the idea of a website where the individuals can be looked up and the location where they are buried is displayed on a map. I also wanted information about the individual to be genealogy friendly. Since my sister, Catherine Parr, is into genealogy, I got her input as to what information would be useful to include. I expanded on it from there. This site is the result, I hope you like it.