Saint Joseph Cemetery Regulations

Received from the cemetery board on 9/22/2014.

NOTE: Regulations subject to change.

Ever since the Sacred Body of our Crucified Savior was reverently laid in the tomb, the Church has surrounded the burial of those who hope to rise with Christ with an atmosphere of deep Christian faith and profound reverence. In the Mass and burial prayers, the Catholic Church gives voice to her belief in the doctrines of the resurrection of the body, the Communion of Saints, and Life Everlasting. It is upon these sacred principles that all rules and regulations are founded and therefore all are bound to them.

All Saints Catholic Cemetery's governing body consists of the Parish pastor and volunteer members who comprise the Cemetery Committee. The Cemetery Committee works to insure the sacred character and lasting beauty of Catholic Cemetery's of the Diocese of La Crosse. The following rules and regulations are in effect to preserve the mind and traditional practice of the Catholic Church, to maintain good order, and to protect the interests of all owners on internment rights.

The Cemetery Committee must approve or disprove anything not specifically covered in these regulations. When new regulations are adopted, they automatically apply to all who have internment rights. It is not the responsibility of the Parish or the Cemetery Committee to make sure that revised Rules and Regulations of the Cemetery are distributed to remaining caretakers. The Rules and Regulations will be strictly enforced. It is necessary for lot holders to maintain current addresses for correspondence.

Internment and Disinternments

  1. No internment or disinterment is permitted until arrangements are made with the Cemetery Committee.
  2. All burials are to be of human origin.
  3. All burials of bodies require a concrete container.
  4. All burials of cremains require a sealed container of substantial size, weight, and durability designed specifically for cremains.
  5. No organizations, except those approved by the Diocesan Bishop, will be permitted to conduct an assembly or services in the Cemetery.
  6. All winter burials require the signing of a Hold Harmless Document and reasonable fees will be charged to cover the cost of providing winter burials.

Lot Holder's Rights

  1. The use of a lot is for the lot holder, the lot's holder's spouse. Lot holder's next-of-kin (parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren) may be assigned burial rights by the lot holder but must meet the approval of the Parish pastor.
  2. Inactive adult Catholics, over 18 years of age, may be refused the purchase of a lot.
  3. A $100 fee will apply for assigned burial rights. Individuals beyond those designated in #1 above, can only be approved by the Cemetery Committee.
  4. Lots are not for resale or for profit. The rights of internment in the unoccupied portion of a lot may only be transferred back to the original Cemetery of the Diocese of La Crosse in which the lot was purchased.
  5. The maximum number of burials on any lot is specified below:

Lots 4' by 10' (choose option a or b)

  1. One body; one cremain
  2. Two cremains

Lots 10' by 10' (choose option a or b)

  1. Two bodies: 2 cremains
  2. One body; 3 cremains

Memorials & Markers

  1. Provisions must be made for a permanent memorial for each burial, including the burial of cremains.
  2. The design, symbolism, and inscription of memorial markers should not be in opposition to the Catholic Faith and should have the final approval from the Cemetery Committee.
  3. The Cemetery and its Committee are not responsible for the cost of a memorial that was rejected because it lacked the necessary written approval.
  4. The Cemetery Committee will supervise memorial placement.
  5. Every memorial must have a concrete base.
  6. The Cemetery and its Committee is not responsible for upkeep, theft, or damage to memorials.


  1. All old artificial flowers and decorations are to be removed by the last Saturday of April and October 15 of each year.
  2. No fences, hedges, trees, posts or enclosures of any kind shall be allowed.
  3. Appropriate decorations are to be next to the marker and not extend more than one foot away from the marker.
  4. The Cemetery and its Committee are not responsible for damage or theft to flowers, decorations, or objects.
  5. The Cemetery Committee may move or remove any vegetation or object without notice.

Use of Grounds

  1. Cemetery hours are from sunup to sundown
  2. Trespassers and strangers are not permitted to sit or lounge on any of the grounds, graves, or monuments.
  3. Picnicking is not permitted.
  4. Peddling or soliciting is not permitted.
  5. All work, such as the opening of graves, cutting of grass, and trimming of vegetation is done only by authorized persons.

Any change of address is the responsibility of the lot holder. Notice sent to the lot holder at the last address in the records shall be considered sufficient and proper legal notification.
The above Rules and Regulations and Schedule of Fees below were approved by the local Parish Cemetery Committee of the Diocese of LaCrosse on October 2, 2012.

Schedule of Fees October 2, 2012  (fee's are subject to change without notice)
Old Section Lots 10' x 10'$700.00
The third and subsequent burials on a 10' x 10' lot will each incur a $200.00 fee,

New Section Lots 4' x 10'$350.00
The second burial on a 4' x 10' lot will incur a $200.00 fee.

Cemetery Board